The Best Vacuum Cleaners in Melbourne

Why Premier Clean Vacuum Cleaners Are The Best in Australia

Premier Clean are experts in the production and installation of ducted vacuum systems. Their range of carefully designed systems are affordable, user-friendly, reliable and quiet. They have a system to suit every household. Speak with Premier Clean’s friendly team to discover the best ducted vacuum system for you!

Reliable Vacuum Cleaners

The Premier Clean ducted vacuum systems are built to last. Constructed with high quality materials, with up to 5-year warranties and with tested and trusted motors, our vacuum cleaners are reliable and efficient.

Easy to Use

Premier Clean’s vacuum cleaners systems are user-friendly, quiet and make it easy to keep your home a clean and healthy environment. The filtration methods used by the Premier Clean vacuums allow for high level cleaning of 99+% sub micron dust particles.

Vacuum Cleaner Installation Available

In addition to providing quality products at an exceptional price, Premier Clean’s vacuum cleaners are easy to install for a recommended professional or with our DIY kits. Premier Clean has access to a large network of qualified installers to fit a vacuum in your new or existing home.

If you want a no-fuss selection and installation process for your new vacuum cleaner, speak with Premier Clean! Their systems are reliable, user-friendly and trusted by many households across Australia.

Contact us on 1300 654 089 for the perfect ducted vacuum system today!

best vacuum cleaner in Melbourne
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