Difference between a Ducted Vacuum System and Conventional Vacuum

When selecting a cleaning system for your home, the choice between a ducted or conventional vacuum may arise. Below, we explain the difference between the two vacuuming options.

Conventional Vacuum Systems

Conventional vacuums are portable units, able to be wheeled or carried throughout the home. They must be plugged into an electrical point, unless battery operated, and are typically used in small spaces.

A conventional vacuum may be the only option for renters in domestic or commercial locations if a ducted system is not installed. They are ultimately an effective unit. They are also popular for professional cleaners as they are transportable.

They range in quality and price and are supplied by a large number of local and international manufacturers.

Ducted Vacuum Systems

A ducted vacuum is an in-built vacuum system within the dwelling. The system consists of a motor and a unique number of inlets in which vacuuming hoses can be plugged in, allowing cleaning in the reachable area. They require installation and are not transportable.

Compared to conventional vacuums they are more convenient, quieter, easier to store, more powerful and are able to collect more debris.

While the initial investment of a ducted vacuum may be more than a conventional system, they are reliable and often have lengthy warranties.

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difference between conventional and ducted vacuum systems
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