Ducted & Central Vacuum Service Melbourne

We offer on site service of all ducted vacuum systems. We attend any service call within our service regions within 3 days of receiving your call. Let the professionals at Premier Clean take care of your ducted vacuum service.

Most ducted vacuum services can be completed within the hour, unless there are issues identified in areas unreachable or where further investigation is required.

If you have a problem with your ducted vacuum cleaner, of ANY model, ANY brand or type we can assist with the best method of repairing, replacing or upgrading your ducted vacuum machine, hoses and piping.

General ducted vacuum service service items can include:

  • Loss of suction
  • Blockages
  • Broken pipes
  • Faulty inlets
  • Repairs/replacement of vac pans and kitchen sweeps
  • Machine cleaning
  • No starting
  • Motors constantly running

Many people are worried that one day their ducted vacuum and central vacuum system will have blockages. Blockages are very rare in a correctly installed ducted vacuum system, however in the rare instance a blockage does occur, we have specialist tools that enable us to remove 99% of blockages without having to cut open pipework.

We also carry spare parts and accessories for all your ducted vacuuming needs. Premier Clean Ducted Vacuum systems are the largest manufacturer of Australian Built and Designed ducted vacuum cleaners, so if you are looking to replace your old ducted vacuum system for a newer model, our team can also help find you the right new ducted vacuum system to suit your home or business.

Contact us now to arrange a ducted vacuum service

Contact us on 1300 654 089 to service your ducted vacuum system today!

Ducted Vacuum Service Melbourne
Central Vacuum Service Melbourne


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