Ducted & Central Vacuum Systems Melbourne

Premier Clean have the LARGEST range of ducted vacuums systems available in Australia and is the leading Australian manufacturer.

Our Types of Ducted Vacuum Systems:

Over 25 years experience manufacturing and designing high performance ducted vacuums in Australia. Our Premier Clean ducted vacuum systems include Monarch Machines, Premier Hybrid, Premier Metal and Premier Compact.

All machines have the highest levels of filtration available, using world class filtration methods including the best Allergy prevention HEPA coating. We use high quality Ametek motors from the largest air moving motor manufacturer in the world,  all Australian approved and certified.

Bagged, Bagless, even Hybrid – the correct system for the correct environment and customer requirements can be supplied and installed.

Which model of ducted vacuum system is the best:

It is important that you select a ducted vacuum system and model that suits your requirements to ensure the system provides you with a long term and effective vacuuming solution. Premier Clean offers a range of systems to suit small, medium and larger homes. Our friendly team would love to speak with you about how we can help!

Installation Types of Ducted Vacuum Systems

A couple of our installation systems include:

  • Standard ducted vacuum systems: Where points are strategically located throughout the home, allowing a hose to be plugged in and used.
  • Retraflex Hide a Hose systems: Where the hose is contained within the pipework.

For new homes, it’s beneficial and best to have installation completed during construction, where we can install all the pipework internally in the walls behind the plaster board.

In most single storey established homes we can install a ducted vacuum system with minimal impact on the home, hiding most of the pipework out of site. If you have an established two-storey home, please contact us for a site inspection and quotation. We also have a range of DIY ducted vacuum packages.

All of our reliable ducted and central vacuum systems come with a warranty of up to 5 years and we offer onsite servicing, installation and repairs. We also offer all our customers with maintenance tips for their ducted vacuum systems.

How much does a ducted vacuum system cost?

Whether you are purchasing a Ducted Vacuum System for your home or business, we are more than happy to provide an obligation free quote.

How long does a ducted vacuum system last?

The good news is that your central and ducted vacuum system can work for up to 30 years! If you were experiencing some issues with your ducted vacuum system it is important to note that all our Premier Clean ducted Vacuum machines are covered under our standard warranty terms.

Is a ducted vacuum system better than a regular vacuum?

Unlike conventional regular vacuums, ducted vacuum systems do not involve long, easily tangled electrical cords and messy filter bags used by conventional systems. Simply plug in the hose!

Contact us on 1300 654 089 for all your ducted vacuum needs today!

central and ducted vacuum systems Melbourne
Ducted Vacuum Systems Melbourne
Central Vacuum Systems in Melbourne

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