Vacuum Cleaners in Melbourne

Premier Clean have the LARGEST range of ducted vacuum systems available in Australia and is the leading Australian manufacturer, based in Melbourne.

Our Types of Vacuum Cleaners:

Premier Clean range of vacuum cleaners have over 25 years experience manufacturing and designing the range of vacuum cleaners.

Are you looking for the best vacuum cleaner in Melbourne? All our vacuum cleaners have the highest levels of filtration available, using world class filtration methods including the best Allergy prevention HEPA coating. We use high quality Ametek motors from the largest air moving motor manufacturer in the world, all Australian approved and certified.

Monarch Machines (Bag Ducted Vacuum Systems): The Monarch series is a modern and efficient ducted vacuum system with a filter bag unit. With a range of models and features to suit every home, the Monarch series offers soft start technology, variable speed hose options and up to 5 years warranty.

Premier Hybrid (Bagless Ducted Vacuum Systems): The Premier Clean Hybrid Ducted Vacuum machines largest range of Bagless models with power and efficiency to suit a small duplex through to large 800sqm + homes. The Premier Hybrid Series offers either Bag or Bagless options out of the box with up to 5 years warranty.

Premier Metal (Bagless Ducted Vacuum Systems): The Premier Clean Metal Series Ducted Vacuum machines is our bagless series with the ability to convert to bag if desired. The Premier Metal range comes with up to 5 years warranty.

Premier Compact (Compact Ducted Vacuum Systems): The Premier Compact Ducted Vacuum series is small but powerful. Best suited for small to average sized homes, with a one year warranty.

Which model of vacuum cleaner is the best:

It is important that you select a vacuum cleaner and model that suits your requirements to ensure the system provides you with a long term and effective vacuuming solution. Premier Clean offers a range of vacuum cleaners to suit small, medium and larger homes. Our friendly team would love to speak with you about how we can help!

Contact us on 1300 654 089 for all your vacuum cleaner needs today!

vacuum Melbourne
vacuum Melbourne
vacuum Melbourne


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