Tips For Maintaining Ducted Vacuum System


Simply open outlet cover, insert hose and your ducted vacuum system will automatically start. To stop, remove hose and allow suction to reduce before closing the inlet. If you have chosen a switch on/off handle hose plug the hose into the inlet with arrow facing up, use handle on/off switch to operate. Operating Garage Point. Open inlet cover and insert hose. Turn the switch on the side of the system to the ON position. When finished turn switch off and remove hose.


Your system’s unit is warranted against defective materials and workmanship but not against misuse. There is a service charge for repairing or replacing damaged or misused components of the ducted vacuum system and for service calls. To ensure your ducted system is a life-time improvement for you and your family, follow these simple tips and you will enjoy it for many years.

  1. Do not place any articles around the motor of the power unit. To do so could cause the motor to overheat as it will impair the cooling of the motor.
  2. Use one inlet at a time to maintain proper air flow. To use more than one vacuum inlet at a time will reduce the air flow that is required to effectively clean the carpets.
  3. Hold inlet door open when removing hose. After removing the hose from the inlet, hold the inlet door open for a few seconds to make sure the unit has stopped and to clear any residual dirt out of the ducting.
  4. Do not pick up liquids. Do not vacuum liquids into the vacuum ducting as any liquid left in the ducting may cause major motor damage (not covered by warranty).

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ducted vacuum system maintenance tips
top tips for maintaining your ducted vacuum system
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