Ducted & Central Vacuum Repairs Melbourne

Premier Clean repair all makes and models of ducted and central vacuum systems.

We specialise in ducted vacuum repairs. If your machine isn’t running, tripping power circuits, or generally not working the way it is meant to we can repair it. We can replace seals and filters, replace burnt out motors and repair/replace faulty circuit boards. We have a range of motors that will fit any make or model of machine.

If you have a problem with your ducted vacuum cleaner, of ANY model, ANY brand or type we can assist with the best method of repairing, replacing or upgrading your ducted vacuum machine, hoses and piping.

Our in house repair service usually takes 48 hours to have the repair completed and your machine will be ready for pick up.

Contact us on 1300 654 089 to repair or replace your ducted vacuum system today!

Ducted Vacuum System Repair Melbourne
Ducted Vacuum Repair Melbourne
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