5 Reasons to choose a Ducted Vacuum System

Ducted Vacuum systems are a popular choice for many households. Below are 5 reasons you may consider selecting a ducted vacuum!

1. Clean Environment

Ducted Vacuums are recommended by the Asthma Foundation of Australia due to their ability to reduce dust and allergens in the living environment. Even if you don’t suffer from asthma or allergies, a clean environment is an important part of maintaining health and a ducted vacuum facilitates this. Compared to a regular vacuum, ducted vacuums remove more debris, and are able to remove the smallest particles.

2. Powerful

Did you know that ducted vacuums provide up to four times the suction of a regular vacuum? Their powerful unit ensures you are able to remove more debris and dust from your floors and create a cleaner, healthier environment.

3. User – Friendly

Ducted Vacuums are user friendly, lightweight, easy to store and quiet. Additionally, ducted vacuums often have self-cleaning filters, meaning regular cleaning of the filters is not required

4. Quiet

Compared to regular vacuums, ducted vacuums are quieter. They are designed to make a minimal amount of noise and are equipped with advanced motors that allow for their quiet operation.

5. Reliable  

Ducted vacuums are reliable and rarely require maintenance. Premier Clean offers warranties extending up to 5-years!

If you want a no-fuss selection and installation process for your new ducted vacuum system, speak with Premier Clean! Their systems are reliable, user-friendly and trusted by many households across Australia.

Contact us on 1300 654 089 for the perfect ducted vacuum system today!

top 5 reasons to choose a ducted vacuum systems
why people choose Ducted Vacuums
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