Ducted & Central Vacuum Installation Melbourne

Premier Clean have dealers Australia wide offering professional installation of ducted vacuum systems.

We also offer DIY installation kits and advice for those wanting to install into their new home, exiting home or renovation.

The installation of a Ducted Vacuum system is a fairly simple process for the professional installer and the DIY installation.


Pipework is run through the walls and ceilings with PVC ducted vacuum pipe and bends to each point, the machine is mounted in the garage where all the dust is taken away too, roughly 1 point per 80 square meters of floor area.


In new construction, installation is a fairly simple process and pipe is run before the plasterboard is installed. In existing construction most single storey homes (and many 2 storey) can be retrofitted the installation process is still fairly simple for the DIY installation, the pipework is still run through the ceilings or under the floor space, and the inlets can be installed either in the wall, in the floor or in the cupboard. One of the simplest methods is the pipe inside an existing robe or cupboard and bringing it out the wall into the location the point is desired.


Premier Clean offer DIY Ducted Vacuum kits to suit all installation applications, we can assist with professional installation advice and ducted vacuum designs for your home, fitting requirements and machine sizes. Send us your plans and we will be happy to assist in making your Ducted Vacuum installation as simple as possible.

Premier Clean can also offer advice and assistance on DIY systems for Alarm, Intercom and CCTV systems.

Don’t want to DIY, contact us on 1300 654 089 or contact one of our dealers in your local area.

Ducted Vacuum System Installation Melbourne
Ducted Vacuum Installation Melbourne
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