Benefits of Ducted Vacuum Systems

Ducted Vacuum systems are a popular choice for households due to their durability, power and user-friendly design. There are many benefits to installing a ducted vacuum system including a positive result to your home environment, easy storage and quality of cleaning.

  Allergy Relief

Ducted vacuums remove even the smallest particles and are recommended for allergy and asthma sufferers due to their ability to provide superior filtration and create cleaner surfaces and air.

  Ease of Use

Ducted vacuums do not involve long, easily tangled electrical cords and messy filter bags used by conventional systems. Simply plug in the hose!

  Reliable Investments

Ducted vacuums often have long warranties and last for years. Premier Clean’s systems are made from quality, durable materials and homeowners benefit from having a reliable, in-built system as opposed to a portable conventional vacuum.


Another benefit of installing a ducted vacuum is that storage is easy! A small cupboard is enough room to store the hose and wand as the motor is separate, often in the garage.

  Stress- free Cleaning

A ducted vacuum is lightweight, cordless, and has inlet vaults placed in convenient locations around your home. They are quiet and powerful, meaning vacuuming is made as easy as can be!

  High Quality Clean

Ducted Vacuums provide a more thorough clean than a portable vacuum due to the increased power.

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benefits of ducted vacuum systems
Benefits Of Ducted Vacuums
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